High Paying Jobs After 12th Pass

Top 10 High Paying Jobs after 12th Pass – Best Guide for Fresher

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If you’re looking for all High Paying Jobs after the 12th Pass, then you are in the right place. We have done a great job on this and find out all the best quality and high paying jobs. It’s pretty easier to earn money by adopting some quality skills. If you also like to make some money, our guide will help you determine some jobs over here.


One can do multiple jobs after the 12th pass out. Our guide will help you in finding all the excellent job opportunities over here. So, you can do any of these fantastic jobs and explore all the top-quality performance without any issues.


You don’t need to do graduation for all these excellent jobs, with little knowledge and skill you can explore multiple elements. You can do any of these jobs without higher qualifications.


10 High Paying Jobs after 12th Pass

It’s not an easier task for a student to find the best Paying Jobs after the 12th Pass. So, we have worked on this and find out all the best quality jobs. With study, if you like to make some money, all these jobs will surely impress you. It’s essential to have an interest in any field. If you want to create substantial future aspects, then all these career opportunities will impress you.


#1 BPO

BPO Stands for Business Process Outsourcing; it’s one of the most significant opportunities for getting a job, especially for freshers; it has gained massive popularity within a short period. One will get paid under the training period as well. Through this job, one will grow his career and explore multiple things simultaneously. 


After completing the training, one will get the job quickly. If you like to grow yourself and secure top-quality opportunities, this job will be an excellent choice. 


Salary Package: One can earn around 16,000 INR as a fresher


Career Prospects: It’s a myth that BPO is an end career option, but it’s not that case; the career opportunity and others make this fantastic job more impressive. You’ll get plenty of earning by doing this job with all the potential appearance.


#2 Tutor: High Paying Jobs after 12th Pass

Many students need proper guidance in the study so that you can help them significantly enhance their overall knowledge and clear doubts. That’s what this professional has such a massive craze in very recent time.


It’s a fact that most of the time parents become busy due to work. So, you can learn this fantastic skill and earn a plenty amount of money. If you can provide tutors to the board student, you can also make a decent amount of money.


Just find out a better opportunity and pursue this fantastic profession.


Salary Packages: There is no limit to earning in this professional, the more hours you spend more you make. If you go with an approximate parameter, you can earn 8,000 – 10,000 by giving 8 to 15 students tutors.


Career Prospects: If you are good at tutoring, you’ll get plenty of chances that will help you get all the responsive appreciations and others. 


#3 Primary School Teacher (Best 12th Pass Private Job)

If you want to make your career in the teaching field, then Primary School teachers will also be the best choice. If you have completed 12th and are looking for high-paying jobs after the 12th pass, this job will surely impress you.


You can go and join any primary school that will help you earn a lot of money. So, this will surely bring the best efficiency, and you can make your career without spending money.


The private school hires students with all different skills, which will surely help you get all fantastic teachers’ identities. With your experience, you can earn money by doing this job.


Salary Packages: As a primary school teacher, you can significantly earn approximately 8,000 to 10,000 INR. This amount may vary depending upon the schools, your qualifications, and your experience as well.


Career Prospects: After gaining some quality experience, you’ll get a quality salary. This could be a great career prospect without a doubt. You can prepare for the Government primary school teaching exam by teaching private school students, where starting salary is approximately 25,000 to 35,000 INR.


#4 Police Department (High Paying Jobs after 12th Pass)

There is a massive opportunity for fresher in the Police department, revert year this department release the vacancy in different posts. You can apply for all those posts after completing the 12th exam over there. For applying for this job, you have to be physically fit and robust to apply for this fantastic job. Yes, by doing this job, you’ll get a good salary without a doubt. 


Yes, this salary package may vary depending upon the board and states. You have to complete your 12th and must have to be capable of applying for this fantastic job. With proper position adopting your salary will be increased. 


Salary Packages: As an officer of the police department, you’ll get to earn 15,000 to 20,000 in a month. It’s pretty cool to explore and get all the fascinating acceptance. With the time and experience, this salary will be increased.


Career Opportunity: Once you have worked as a constable, you can apply for the constable post in the CID and CBI. UPSC conducts exams in different posts, which will help you grab some quality positions in the police department.


#5 Indian Army (12th Pass Government Job)

It’s a dream of every Youngster in India to become part of the Indian Army. You can make your career with this job that will help you in exploring multiple things. If you like to get an efficient presence, the Indian Army will be the best place to do your job. 


As a fresher, you can apply for different posts in the Indian Army. Those students looking for a higher position in the Indian army can prepare for the NDA Exam. It has enormous job security and can earn a lot of money by doing this job.


Salary Packages: Yes, you’ll get a salary in different price ranges depending upon the posts. If you are thinking of a Constable job, then you could get a 40,000 per month salary. Or, as a Subedar, you can earn 50,000 per month.


Career Prospects: Indian army has a considerable reputation and comes with a vast opportunity. So, this will surely help you in earning a decent amount of money. If you are looking for a job that can provide a top-rated adventure, this job will be a perfect choice.


#6 Merchant Navy (High Paying Jobs after 12th Pass)

Merchant Navy is one of the highest paying jobs without any graduation degree. It’s a fantastic job with responsive prospects. This job comes with a tremendous opportunity of world travel and multiple packages as well.


No, it’s not an easy job at all, because during the job period you have to spend six months to one year on the ship. This job comes with an enormous employment opportunity without a significant doubt over here.


Salary Packages: One will get multiple types of packages by doing this job. As a fresher, the salary starts from 12,000 and with the period, experiment and posts your wage will be increased gradually. You can earn almost 200,000 to 500,000 per month.


Career Prospects: Merchant Navy can provide you with a brighter career with multiple factors; you can earn a decent salary with all these things. You can also get worldwide travel and numerous adventures.


#7 Indian Railways (High Paying Jobs after 12th Pass)

Making a career with Indian Railways is always a good option. If you want to build up an innovative career option, you can choose the Indian Railways. One can discover thousands of career options with Indian Railways after the 12th pass, including Railway’s constable, railway clerk, lower division clerk, and many others. 


One can think of a satisfying salary package with Indian Railways. Yes, this salary may vary depending upon the rank and many other significant factors. All these things are unique with this responsive job opportunity.


You have to prepare for Railways; it’s one of the safest and satisfying filed for doing a job. 


Salary Packages: One can earn around 20,000 to 30,000 per month. But this salary may vary depending upon the posts. You’ll get all the responsive ideas and best quality rank identities with this fantastic job opportunity.


Career Prospects: Indian Railway comes with all the jobs with all the satisfying job parameters. Yes, it comes with all the fantastic job opportunities and many other elements. So, you can think about this fantastic job opportunity.


#8 Forest Department (High Paying Jobs after 12th Pass)

Forestry comes with a vast job opportunity; this job comes with multiple posts. Yes, this department shows multiple vacancies with the time. If you’re looking for a steady salary and quality job opportunity, then the Forest Department will be the best source of top-quality jobs.


One will get multiple jobs in different posts, including the Junior assistant, first guard, draftsman, etc. You can apply for any of these fantastic jobs to get a steady and responsive life.


Yes, both the state and central government releases the post on forestry. You have to prepare for the exam to get a responsive and well-salary-providing post. You can allow for all the fantastic posts on the Forest Department.


Salary Packages: The pay scale of the Forest Department starts from 5,200 to 12,000, and with the promotions and posts, this pay scale may be increased significantly. One could earn almost 10,000 to 15,000 INR.


Career Prospects: If you want to build your career in the forest department, you have to stay updated on the vacancies. So, you can go and grab your seat in this department by exploring a plenty salary.


#9 Photographers

Photography is a fantastic career option for those who like to click photos. If you want to make your career and get an efficient appearance, you can surely go with this fantastic job. You can earn a flexible amount of money from this tremendous job.


Photography comes in multiple genres, including journalist photography, fashion photography, wildlife photography, feature photography, and many others. As a beginner, you can also earn a plenty amount of money with this profession.


Salary Packages: One can earn about 10,000 to 15,000 INR per month. You can scale this amount with time and experience. If you work for a private house, it’ll also bring the best quality salary without a doubt.


Career Prospects: There is no doubt about the efficiency and scaling up the level of Photographers. You can earn a plenty amount of money. It’s pretty amazing to boost the overall performance as the photographer.


#10 NGOs (Best 12th Pass Private Job)

If you’re looking for High Paying Jobs after 12th Pass, NGOs will be the best place for you. You can earn plenty amount of money by doing jobs in NGOs. This earning depends on the popularity and findings of NGOs.


NGO offers multiple job opportunities; as a fresher, you can earn decent money without any issues. If you like to make a decent amount of money, you can be a part of an NGO without much qualification.


Salary Package: One can earn 6000 to 8000 per month by doing the job in NGO. If you get to secure the experience, then you can make almost 40,000 to 50,000 per month. So, you can find out the best job opportunity in NGOs.


Career Prospects: Not everyone works in NGO as a Volunteer. You can join there as a manager or strategist then also you can make a responsive career over there without any critical factors without any issues.


Closing Opinion

Finding all High Paying Jobs after 12th Pass is that much easy from our list. We have worked on it and find out all the best destinations for a quality job. You can prepare yourself for any of these fantastic jobs.


We have covered all the responsive guides on it. So, go through this fantastic guide and pick the best career option.


If you have any queries, then inform us via the comment box. Stay tuned with us for all the responsive updates on High Paying Jobs after 12th Pass, and Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: Itmyjobs.Com is an online job posting portal, We do post various job vacancies including Government jobs and private jobs all over India. We are not a recruiter or a recruitment agency. Also we dont ask you for any money to give you job. It is advised to all that before apply for any job kindly read the official advertisement. If you have any question in your mind, feel free to comment in our comment box. Thank you.

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